Sure, we ship custom suits all over the world and have retail locations in seven of the largest cities in North America (including New York, LA and San Francisco). And we’re constantly thinking about our business and our customers from a global perspective. But really, there’s no place like home. Vancouver, in all its spectacular beauty, is home to our global headquarters as well as our very first retail location. Last week the Vancouver Showroom underwent a huge move and makeover and opened it’s doors in the chic and central Yaletown neighbourhood. Jose Castro, the manager of our Vancouver Showroom, has shaped and shepherded the development of our IRL retail business from the very beginning. He’s a fantastic guy who apparently aspires to eat himself from one end of Vancouver to the other on his next day off.

Where are you from?

Born in the Philippines, moved here in ‘93, grew up in the tri-cities.

What do you love about Vancouver?

It’s the only place in the world that you could go for a hike in the mountains, hit the beach, and then go for drinks, all in one beautiful city.

If you could change one thing about Vancouver, what would it be?

Where do you want me to start? Just kidding. But better transit options and cheaper real estate would be good. Also, bring in a Trader Joe’s!

What is Vancouver’s style?

While I want to say we’re a very casual city (which is our stereotype, thanks Lulu), you see different steeze all over, depending on where you hang out. I grew up a sneakerhead and I still see that culture alive and well in this city. And I hang out in East Van a lot, and see the cool kids in hipster grunge (torn jeans, vans, and a rolled-sleeve baggy tee). But what I’m starting to see is more guys dressed up in suits, all over the city.

Indochino is opening its permanent flagship location at 1014 Homer St. What makes this neighbourhood such a good match for us?

I think the guys that live and work in this area matches our target demographic so perfectly. Also, our new store design concept being so clean and modern, I couldn’t imagine it in any other neighborhood.

What are some nearby highlights that Indochino customers can enjoy when they’re in the neighbourhood?

I never frequented Yaletown that much prior to working here, but where I’ve been thus far have all been clutch. Parlour for rustic styled pizza, West Oak for proper west coast fare, Homer Street Cafe for a bougie lunch, and New Oxford just down the street from us for a good, chill atmosphere (happy hour, nuff said).

Welcome to the Vancouver Showroom!
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Describe your ideal day in the city.

Being Filipino, my life has always been centred around food, so my answer to this question should follow suit (no pun intended… So much pun intended). Wake up and do the quarry rock hike early to beat the crowd, reward myself with Honey’s Donuts (try the maple). Then, head over to the seawall for a cruise on the bike, stop off and play some tennis with bae. Then, I’d have to go for merienda, and depending on my mood it’d either be Sha-lin Noodle house for some beef rolls and hand-tossed noodles, or even Edible Canada on Granville island (duck poutine). I’d wrap up the night in Gastown and check out the shops (what up, Neighbour), and go for Phnom Penh or have the burger in Upstairs at Campagnolo. Last stop would be drinks at the Diamond, or if I have enough room in the tank, head over to Richmond Night Market for some late night eats (i.e. waffle balls).

Vancouver is famous for its natural beauty and easy access to the great outdoors. What’s your favourite thing to do just outside the city limits?

Just did the Garibaldi Lake hike, so I’d say hiking is becoming a staple in my weekend activities.

Live in the Vancouver area? Make an appointment to check out the showroom! Or take yourself on Jose’s edible odyssey by visiting his favourite local haunts and sites:

Quarry Rock Hike
Honey’s Donuts
Sha-Lin Noodle House
Edible Canada
Phnom Penh
Upstairs at Campagnolo
The Diamond
Richmond Night Market