Make Any Suit a Tux

According to the New York Times, 2022 is on track to be the biggest year for weddings in North America since 1984. With approximately 2.5 million weddings scheduled for this year and the endemic approaching, it seems formal dressing is experiencing a serious resurgence.  

In menswear, it doesn’t get more formal than a tuxedo. Although the classic suit has long been the punchline of many penguin jokes, there’s no denying the sleek ––and often sexy–– appeal of a well-tailored tuxedo. 

Indochino’s latest customization may be a response to this: the option to turn any suit into a tux. Giving you a choice to make your favorite Indochino fabrics tuxedo-ready broadens creative possibilities and truly captures the ‘made for you’ philosophy

But what is a tuxedo, and how does it differ from your favorite formal suit?

What Makes It a Tux?

The fundamental differences between a suit and a tuxedo are primarily within the details. The most obvious differentiator is the lapels. Regardless of what type of fabric makes the suit, tuxedo lapels are typically satin.

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Traditionally tuxedo trousers are designed with a satin stripe down the outseam (the exterior side of the pants) to compliment the satin in the jacket’s lapels. However, this defining detail has since changed due to modern tuxedo styles. It is true that every pair of trousers with a satin stripe is most likely a tuxedo pant, but not every pair of tuxedo pants features this detail.

Whether black, white, or patterned, another defining detail of a tuxedo is the shirt. Winged tips are a common feature on tuxedo shirts, which are typically worn with bow ties. In spite of this, we see less of this traditional rule in modern suiting. See: Jake Gyllenhaal in a Givenchy tuxedo and styled with a tieless and unbuttoned tuxedo shirt.

In the past, tuxedos usually stayed within the black, navy, or white color scheme but present-day designs have shown that any color fabric can make a sleek tuxedo, even those with patterns.


Make Any Suit a Tux 

Could it be that the classic tuxedo we know is no longer the classic we want? Of course, a black, white, or navy tux will never cycle out of style. Yet, when we’re on the verge of making bolder fashion choices, shouldn’t our tuxedos be the same? 

Fashion the Harrogate Fuschia Suit into a double-breasted tuxedo for a front row appearance or modernize your wedding look and have the Kelbrook Check Light Blue Suit designed into the tuxedo of your dreams. No fabric is too bold, saturated, or lush for a tuxedo-style makeover. 

In the days leading up to the endemic, it’s safe to say glamor is taking the spotlight again, and Indochino will do everything they can to make sure we’re appropriately dressed. 


Renee Bu

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