August 25, 2015

How to Find the Perfect Blazer

Choosing the blazer that's right for you.

The blazer is a classic staple in every man’s closet—or so it should be—and it’s safe to say it isn’t going out of style anytime soon. If you don’t own or wear one, it’s easy to get started. A blazer is a simple piece that will  elevate any outfit and pull everything together. With plenty of customizations available, like pocket styles and vent styles, you can look just how you want—sharp. Before you get yours, here are a few tips to help ensure you get the right fit and the right look.

The whole squad looking tight in blazers.

Choosing the number of buttons

Generally speaking, there are four button options when choosing a blazer: single-button, two-button, three-button and double-breasted. Single-button blazers usually fall on the more casual and trendy side of things, but can now be seen on high-end suits and blazers. They look great when they are buttoned up and are perfect for men who like no-fuss clothing. The two-button blazer is the most classic of the three variations and is a great place to start if you’ve never worn one before. They should always be worn with only the top button closed, leaving the bottom button undone. Two-button blazers are a great option if you want to  lengthen your torso. The three-button blazer works best for tall men as they cover up a bit of the torso when buttoned-up, and they’re a great option for waistcoat wearers. The double-breasted blazer is the most style-forward option. Pairing a nicely tailored double-breasted blazer with denim may be considered by some to be a bold sartorial choice but, in our opinion, this look is going to continue to grow in popularity over the fall and winter this year.

Is your perfect blazer velvet with a shawl collar? Maybe!

Picking a Material

Similar to choosing the number of buttons, material is also very important when looking for a blazer. If temperatures have dropped and your style veers more on the side of sporty casual, a corduroy blazer will be a great fall wardrobe addition. If you prefer to keep things simple, opt for a wool twill blazer that will keep you looking fresh while also keeping you warm in the cooler seasons. You can also liven up your look and make a statement with a velvet blazer, or go with a contemporary update on traditional flannel. Try experimenting with different colors, like midnight blue or burgundy—you can mix and match them with other separates, like gray pants or dark denim.

The perfect camel blazer looks great with denim.

Determining Your Fit

When it comes to blazers, nothing beats a well-fitted one. There should be room for movement in the shoulders, but not so much that there is more than half an inch of fabric extending past your shoulders. You want it to be snug in the chest and stomach, but be wary of any pulling when the buttons are done up. As for the sleeves, make sure your blazer shows a quarter of an inch or so of your shirt’s cuffs when you are standing upright.

What material do you want your blazer cut from? Wool twill? Excellent choice.

Styling a blazer

Blazers can be worn with almost everything. Try a navy blazer with a white Oxford shirt, some cuffed gray jeans and a pair of Oxfords for a weekend look. If it’s date night, go with a gray blazer, black trousers, a white button-down and a chambray pocket square for pop of color. If you want to be really casual, sport a pair of fitted shorts and a blazer with the sleeves pushed up.

The blazer is truly a versatile addition to any man’s closet. Find one today.