Suit Jacket Basics: Pockets

When it comes to picking the right suit, you might not have even considered which pocket style you prefer. Perhaps you’re not even aware that there’s more than one type out there. Often it comes down to personal style or practicality, but knowing which pocket looks best and what each one is meant for will give you the upper hand in your suit game.

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Jacket Pockets

By Joni McKervey



The straight pocket is the most classic pocket style, usually the default for most suits. Most often this is what you’ll see on the suits you wear for work every day. If deciding whether or not to have a flap, we say go with a flap because you can always tuck it into the pocket and have the best of both worlds.


A slanted pocket is a popular option for suits that tend to be fashion forward. If you’re going for a suit in a different texture like tweed, or perhaps in an unconventional color like indigo, slanted pockets will give it that extra stylish edge.


When the pocket is sewn onto the exterior of the jacket itself, rather than included in the lining, this is a patch pocket. It’s more common on casual or sports coats, and can prove very convenient as they come in several shapes and sizes. Some jackets have as many as four, and they’re a great option for the guy who likes to rock a casual blazer or jacket for most occasions.

Second Ticket Pockets

A ticket pocket is a slimmer pocket above one of the standard pockets on your suit. This was traditionally used for—you guessed it—tickets to the opera or theater way back in the day. Again, whether or not you choose one is a matter of individual style. While you probably won’t use it to hold tickets per se, it’s still a great option for a more formal look.


Ready to rock it with your pocket? (We had to.) Our custom made suits feature all the pocket styles you could want.



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