September 9, 2016

Get Back to Work in Made-to-Measure

Successfully transition from summer to fall style with the right suits, shirts and accessories.

As we collectively shake the sand from our beach towels a new, post-Labor Day reality is settling in—summer is over and it’s time to recalibrate our work/play ratio. The Internet is rife with articles on how to ease the return to work after summer holidays with strategies for managing your email backlog and adjusting your sleep schedule, etc. But we know that one of the toughest transitions to make this time of year is trading in your flippy-floppies and faded t-shirts for the suits and dress shirts that your office (and the dropping temperatures) require.

Time to get back to work in made-to-measure.

One way to get excited about fall is to treat yourself to something new. We never really lose the “back to school” feeling we used to get from shopping for new clothes and school supplies at the start of every school year. You’re not a student anymore, but you can get that feeling back with the addition of a few new items to your wardrobe.

Patch pockets on your made-to-measure suit is the move.

Your New Suit

Try this: patch pockets. Trust us, it’s a solid move, especially if you already have a couple of suits in your closet. Patch pockets have a slightly more casual look that pairs well with jeans or chinos, so you’ll have exponentially more outfit options with the addition of this one item. Go for a twill with a flannel finish and you can mix and match the jacket and pants with your other clothes like a certified wardrobe efficiency expert.

No matter how you like your pockets, your next suit should definitely be made-to-measure. We’re not biased, it’s just a fact: the perfect fit of a tailored suit will set you apart from the pack and let everyone know you mean business.

Real men rock pink shirts at work.

Your New Shirt

Skim past the standard whites and blues and try a pink or lavender shirt this season. These colors look amazing under a navy, charcoal or gray suit—especially when you pair them with a tie in a darker shade from the same color family. It’s an easy style win without being in-your-face.

Get the attention you deserve with a cutaway collar on your next made-to-measure shirt. The distance between the collar points will draw people’s focus to your face, so you’ll have a better chance of being heard when you speak up in your next big meeting.

Master patterns with a bold tie and windowpane suit.

Your New Tie

Welcome patterns into your world—the bolder, the better. It may seem counterintuitive, but the key to making patterns work is mixing, not matching. Get yourself a boldly patterned tie and wear it over a shirt with a micro pattern like fine stripes or dobby dots. Wrap it all in a razor sharp windowpane suit and you will ascend to the level of Pattern Master.

Check out for all the new threads you need for fall.