October 16, 2015

City & Style

Three cities, three men, and three different takes on styling your suit.

You know, underneath it all we’re pretty much the same. We all put our suit pants on one leg at a time, love pizza, have hopes and dreams. But even if we’re more or less the same on the inside, what we chose to wear is a unique reflection of our individuality.

Our second instalment of Your City, Your Suit, Your Style features three very stylish, and yet very different gentlemen, each demonstrating the way their city has influenced the way they dress.

Akief Sheriff

Philadelphia, PA 

“Philadelphia is a major influence on my style. It’s got all kinds of different people. It’s got edge. It’s got grit.”
Akief Sheriff 1
“A lot of guys are afraid to wear a windowpane suit. It’s a statement suit, but it’s a business suit as well. I love to bring out the windowpane on a Friday.”
Akief Sheriff 2

Akief wears our Indigo Windowpane Suit. Read the rest of the post on urbanfieldnotes.com

Viranlly Liemena

Vancouver, BC

“The Chestnut Cavalry Twill Three-Button Suit: dress it up, or dress it down with a sweater and a cashmere hat – either way, it works.”

Viranlly 1

“A navy double breasted suit is never a bad idea —it goes from Office Hour to #HappyHour.”

Viranlly 2

Viranlly wears our Chestnut Cavalry Twill Blazer and Premium Navy Suit. See more of Viranlly’s stylish snaps on Instagram @Viranlly

Tommy Lei

Los Angeles, CA

“Ultimately, I dress for function. You’ll always find me in pieces that could easily transition from formal to casual simply by adding or removing layers.”

Tommy 1

Tommy wears our Navy Stripe Suit. Read the rest of the post at mybelonging.com 

Tommy 2

How does your city influence your style? Browse your options here.