August 1, 2014

Made By Me: Mehran & Sam Mansouri

Two men who have dared to build a better bow-tie invited us to their studio to talk heart, style and going your own way. #madebyme


Sam and Mehran Mansouri

What do you love about men’s fashion?

Mehran: “The suit is a suit. It’s the same suit that’s been around for hundreds of years. But the way the details are put together can make it look modern and up-to-date. BÖ is the same way. It’s the same bowtie that’s been around forever, but it’s modernized with a simple detail.”

What motivates you?

Sam: “What we do comes from the heart. It’s so rewarding to see people engage with what you’ve built.”

Mehran: “Doing something familiar in an unexpected way breaks a lot of barriers, and allows people to see things in a different way.”

Bo Studio

BO x Indochino

Let us in on one of your quirks, something weird (okay, unique*) that others might not know about you.

SAM: Everything has to be in it’s place at all times. I lose focus if it ever gets messy.

Sam Mansouri

MAN-libs (how do you fill in the blanks?)

SAM: If I had to wear one style of shirt for the rest of my life, I would wear plaid because there is so much you can accomplish with patterns and it helps brighten your day as well people around you.


Mehran: “I’m actually redesigning our logo. So I’m going to draw my concept — It’s not done yet.”

Sam and Mehran Mansouri are father and son and creators of , a different kind of bow tie.