June 16, 2015

What to Wear to Pre-Wedding Festivities

So many events, yet so little time. How to dress right for the occasion.

These days, it seems like instead of having a wedding date, couples plan a wedding month. There can be so many more events than just tying the knot. There are parties for the proposal, engagement, the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, and just about any other reason to celebrate the happy couple. Navigating through what to wear to each of these events can be difficult, so we’re breaking it down before you suit up.

What to Wear to Pre-Wedding Festivities: Essential Grey Sharkskin looks elegant at the engagement party.

Engagement Party

As with each of the wedding events, it is best to consider the location and time for clues as to what to wear. Some invitations might specify the dress code, but if not, daytime events usually call for more casual attire and evening ones can require a formal look. With most of the events surrounding a wedding, it’s best not to opt for a black suit unless it is a “black tie” event. A grey suit will do just fine and it’s neutral enough to be paired with almost anything. For an engagement party, try a sharp single-breasted, two-button grey suit and add a pocket square for a pop of colour.

What to Wear to Pre-Wedding Festivities: dress it down a little with a casual blazer at your bachelor party.

Bachelor Party

Ah, the infamous bachelor party. We won’t tell you what to do or not do at this one, but we will tell you that you can get away with more casual attire here. Try a casual tan blazer, or choose a pattern like small stripes. Unless it is on the more formal side, dark blue or black denim works with just about anything. If you are totally unsure, ask the groom what he is wearing and take your hints from him.

What to Wear to Pre-Wedding Festivities: Look debonair at your rehearsal dinner in the Essential Blue Sharkskin Suit

Rehearsal Dinner

Of the three events, this is probably the most formal. Usually held the weekend or even the night before the wedding, this is a chance for the wedding party to get to know each other a bit better and go through some wedding logistics. In most cases, you’ll want to go for a suit. Keeping it simple with an indigo or navy tailored suit is a good bet. A tie, tie clip, and pocket square will top it off with a solid put-together look. The happy couple will be even happier that they had such a stylish guy in their wedding party.

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