How to find love when you’re not a pickup artist

Preston Smiles
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Every day, thousands of people watch Preston Smiles’ vids. He’s been an actor, a 3rd grade teacher and a late night grocery stockist, but his YouTube channel isn’t about any of that. Preston also happens to eat, sleep and breathe the L-word (not the TV show).

We recently learned that more people are single today than ever before in history — a fact that made some of us feel better, and sent a few of us to the bar for a drink. For some men, flying solo feels right, but many others are on the hunt for Ms. Right. If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, may we first suggest you put down that Pick-Up Artist handbook The Game. Instead, here’s the co-founder of the Love Mob’s top five pieces of advice for finding someone special.

  1. Stay positive. Know that she’s out there. Love doesn’t run on a schedule – I’ve seen people find love at 80, 18 and every age in between.
  2. Be discerning. Sex is a beautiful thing, but when you have multiple partners, you take on all their different energies, which can interfere with your choices.
  3. Be present. Some of my greatest teachers were the women I dated before I met The One. They taught me about myself, and what I wasn’t looking for.
  4. Be what you want. If you want someone who is loving but also very driven, you must be that. If you want someone who can be honest even when it’s scary, you must be that, too.
  5. Trust your intuition. I met the love of my life while I was on a date with someone else. My gut said that it wasn’t right, that I needed to go – and lo and behold, when I did, there she was.

Preston Smiles hosts a popular YouTube channel, and is the co-founder of the Love Mob, an LA-based social movement spreading organized acts of love. His book, Love Louder, is due out November 1st, 2014.