July 24, 2014

How he wears it: going from AM to PM in a light-colored suit

Tyson Villeneuve dresses for a typically atypical summer day and evening.

Tyson Villeneuve parties for a living. That is to say, he organizes one-of-a-kind events — what he calls “premium, accessible, unique cultural experiences” — anything from a custom-built bar in the forest for a small company’s retreat, or a garden dinner party for three thousand guests. That means long days full of meetings, and events most evenings. We caught up with him to find out how he dresses for a typical roller coaster of day.

Tyson Villeneuve in a light coloured suit in front of a fireplace.

When the only constant is change

“My job has no routine; it’s a constantly changing environment. I just came from City Hall, and now I’m going to talk about an elaborate dinner for Bastille Day. I have to run out of the door knowing I’m going to six really different meetings with different types of people, then to a cocktail party or media event right afterwards.”

Tyson Villeneuve in a light coloured suit.

The lightness of seeing

“Wearing a light colored suit with a pop of color is inspired a bit by Miami. I love that city, and I have a real affinity with art deco and classic architecture. I’m a big fan of those bursts of color everywhere there, not just in clothes.

“It’s a bit of a mental vacation when you get to wear white or a light color. In Miami, lots of people wear white and light colored clothes, but here it’s more unusual — maybe a white t-shirt or collared shirt, but that’s all. So when someone looks at you across the street, wearing a full light suit, they find it unexpected. And that’s what I’m trying to do in my work and everywhere.”

Light coloured suit with pocket square.

How he wears a light suit: day

“I like to take a light colored suit and incorporate a splash of color, like a bright pocket square. Or on another day, maybe wear it with a bright purple t-shirt. It’s uncommon, and that immediately provides a sense of character.”

Tyson Villeneuve in a light coloured suit and hat.

How he wears the blazer: casual

“I paired the jacket with bright pants, and a solid colored, light shirt because I wanted the seersucker’s stripes to come out.”

How to wear a light suit: evening

“I’ll often bring an accessory like a hat because it can really shift from day to night time. It’s something I saw a lot in Dublin. A guy would be wearing a sports coat on top of a hoodie. And in the evening, he’d take the hoodie off, add a hat, and go to an event looking great.

Tyson Villeneuve is co-founder of and partner in The Social Concierge.


Tyson is wearing his own Indochino Blue Summer Stripe Suit