Legendary Style from the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have a knack for cultivating players that become legends on and off the field. From Babe Ruth to A-Rod, the team’s roster boasts larger-than-life athletes with distinct fashion senses to match. We’ve gone through Yankee history and selected four of their alumni who exhibit exceptional style chops. Pick up some tips from the very best below.

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Alex Rodriguez

Throughout his MLB career, A-Rod racked up some impressive stats—696 home runs, over 2,000 runs scored, 25 grand slams and 3,000 hits. But what hasn’t been recorded is how many times he’s absolutely nailed it with his tailored suits on the red carpet, public appearances or just strolling around town. As seen below, Rodriguez wears the classic gray suit like an absolute pro—the custom jacket flawlessly frames his shoulders, he keeps it sleek and classic with monochromatic accessories and the cuffed pant hem gives his outfit the perfect modern touch.


Mariano Rivera

Over his 19 seasons with the Yankees (and five World Series Championships—no big deal), Rivera earned the reputation as one of the greatest relievers in the MLB. Analysts and fans are quick to praise his sharp and smooth pitching style, and believe us, those traits carry into this fashion sense.The Sandman often pulls off the mix and match look with the ease and confidence of a seasoned style guru, and we couldn’t be happier to see this adventurous take on the suit getting more love in the spotlight.


Derek Jeter

To his fans, Captain Clutch could do it all. During his 20 seasons with the Yankees, this famous shortstop was regarded as the leader in hitting, baserunning and fielding. So it comes as no surprise that in his downtime, he dressed like a total boss too. Jeter’s 2015 Espy Awards ensemble epitomizes his clean, sophisticated style. All men can emulate this look with a perfectly tailored navy suit, pressed white shirt and air tie.


Deion Sanders

On the subject of multi-talented players, Deion Sanders made sports history by playing for both the MLB and the NFL. These days he’s one of the leading sport analysts, giving his style plenty of time on the small screen. Sanders makes a conscientious effort to bring bold colors to many of his outfits. Seen here, he pairs a red knit sweater with a sharp camel overcoat, acing the layering game.


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