November 7, 2014

Mo bros unite: Movember kickoff

Meet the faces behind the mustaches on Team IndochiMO.

The month formerly known as “November” has arrived and something strange is happening at Indochino HQ. Normally clean-shaven men have begun sporting some questionable looking upper-lip stubble. Others who struggle daily to keep their hirsute genetics from over-expressing themselves have grown full Alex Trebek’s basically overnight. And others still, in particular the women in the office, are just enjoying the unfolding facial comedy of errors known as Movember. We snuck over to the IndochiMO clean shave kickoff at Vancouver’s Barber & Co. to ask our very own Mo Bros a few questions about why, exactly… Just, why?

Tools of the trade @ Barber & Co., Vancouver, BC

Ross getting a close shave @ Barber & Co., Vancouver, BC

Why are you participating in Movember?

Ryan: It’s an excellent cause, and an opportunity to draw more attention to men’s health. That, and peer pressure.

Chandler: The dudes in my family are pretty typical guys – not exactly the type to be open about health issues. So I guess I’m participating to keep them in check.

Charley: Anything that spreads the word and encourages dialogue about men’s health is worth participating in.

Steve: This is my first year participating, and I’m excited to talk about it. Its good for me, my family and frankly for our guys at Indochino too.

Chris: Steve made me.

Chandler getting a close shave @ Barber Co., Vancouver, BC

Steve getting a close shave @ Barber & Co., Vancouver, BC

Who is your mustache icon?

Ross: It has to be Selleck!

Steve: Lanny McDonald is the definition of mustache for me.

Chris: My Grandpa.

Chandler: As a kid I was fascinated by Hulk Hogan’s mustache. I didn’t really get how mustaches worked at that age so I thought it was maybe fake… or magic.

What is the hardest thing about sporting a mustache for a whole month?

Charley: Let’s face it, sporting a ginger horseshoe mustache is hardly a flattering look.

Ross: Looking in the mirror.

Steve: The hardest part for me is growing it! Next step will be playing Mozart to it before bed. Maybe that’ll help.

Brad: Not girlfriend approved.

Ryan: It basically makes me look like a serial killer.

Ryan getting a close shave @ Barber & Co., Vancouver, BC

Lawrence getting a close shave @ Barber & Co., Vancouver, BC

What is the best part of being a ‘stache haver for a whole month?

Charley: It’s always nice to catch the eye of a fellow Mo Bro and share a nod of appreciation. That, and not getting asked for I.D.

Brad: Being able to stroke the mustache contemplatively in conversation while looking thoughtful and nodding. Being able to casually use the word “contemplatively” in a sentence.

Chandler: I can pass a guy on the street who has a mustache, and give him a nod, and he’ll give me a nod back, but both of us are just growing facial hair. We’re putting in no effort, but we both feel like we’re doing something important.

Chris: Saving a bunch of money on dating.

Chris getting a close shave @ Barber & Co., Vancouver, BC

Barber & Co., Vancouver, BC

Learn more about Movember here.
And if you’re in Vancouver and need a hot shave, drop by Barber & Co.