January 13, 2017

#INDOCHINOmen: Santiago de Hoyos

Meet the man who uses photography as a passport to see the world.

Introducing the first instalment of our #INDOCHINOmen series. Here we talk to gentlemen all over the world who live life according to their own vision and are part of our global community of well-connected and well dressed (obviously) iconoclasts.

Meet Santiago, a Vancouver-based photographer who travels the world capturing beautiful places, moments and people.

large Photo by Bree Sopatyk

Why Photography?

At its best, photography is an artistic medium that conveys ideas, concepts, and emotions. The emotional aspect can’t be overstated – there’s a beautiful connection between the maker of the photograph, the viewer, the subject, and the world of emotions that reverberates throughout those 3 components. I love photographs for their ability to shed light on complex psychological, social, and cultural dynamics but I also love them for their ability to stand alone as something that is simply beautiful to look at and worthy of your time and interpretation.


What influences your work?

 I’m inspired and influenced by surrealism, paintings, music, films, books, photographers, and psychology. René Magritte’s paintings influence how I approach portraits. Nicolas Jaar’s music inspires me to question the labels that are associated with artistic genres. Wes Anderson’s films influence my love for symmetry. Rodney Smith’s photographs tread a beautiful line between being whimsical and haunting but what really strikes me about his work is his ability to put complex visions together in an elegant, simple, and easy to digest fashion. Psychology ties all of these mediums together for me because I’m fascinated by the human mind and social interaction.


What do you love about living in Vancouver?

I love Vancouver’s capacity to offer a balance between city life and being immersed in the natural environment. I live a stone’s throw from the ocean, walking distance from downtown, and a short drive from the mountains.  The balance and opportunity for a variety of experiences within a single day is what makes me proud to call Vancouver home, for now at least.


Favorite thing to do on a day off?

If the day off happens to fall between May and September, it would involve jumping into the ocean for a swim. On a cold, rainy day you’ll probably find me at a coffee shop people watching and catching up with a favorite book.

Where are your favorite places to eat and hangout in Vancouver?

Kissa Tanto is a current favorite. The food and cocktails are very well executed and that room! It’s one of the finest rooms in the city. They’ve done a masterful job in creating a physical space that has the ability to transport their patrons to a different decade. I spend many mornings at The Message café in Chinatown and Nelson the Seagull, just a few blocks away in Gastown.


Photo by Viranlly

Where is your favorite place you’ve travelled to?

I’ve never been able to narrow this question down to a single place. Some highlights over the past two years include Poland, Perú, Patagonia, Austria, Big Sur, and the Oregon Coast.

What are your travel essentials?

First and foremost, an open mind and positive disposition. When you’re travelling, beautiful things happen when you let them. As far as clothing and material possessions go, all I really need is a camera (or three) and a denim jacket.

Photo by Bree Sopatyk

What’s your personal style?

It’s simple: Less is more.


Photo by Bree Sopatyk

Santiago is wearing Tonal Indigo Glen Plaid Suit
All photos are by Santiago, unless noted

View more of Santiago’s work at www.santiago-dehoyos.com
or follow him on instragram