December 12, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

Giftin' ain't easy, we know. So we put our heads together and came up with a few unique gift suggestions for those special someones on your list.

Holiday Gift Guide - for brother

For your hipper-than-thou bro

Whether he’s really your brother, or a blood bro from way back, he’s always been the same: obsessed with the latest in trends and tunes. He takes over the stereo at other people’s parties and spends his life savings every year on a week of music-fueled hedonism at Coachella.

Let him know that you appreciate his passion, while subtly hinting that it’s his own stereo he should be commandeering – and maybe get a home-cooked meal out of the deal – with a subscription to Turntable Kitchen.

Holiday Gift Guide - for co-worker

For your work wife

She might be your boss, or she might be right there in the trenches with you, sharing one perfectly timed eyeroll after another. Or maybe she works in a different department altogether and you gchat each other youtube videos of cats knocking over toddlers all day. Whichever it is, work just wouldn’t be the same without her.

Careful now, because all respect is due to your lives outside the workplace. Your best bet? Nothing says I couldn’t platonically survive the workday without you like a functional gift. Give her a beautiful, Italian designed mug that says “you’re less fun when you haven’t had enough coffee.” Or a fancy brass pen holder that says, “you’re the best, but quit stealing all my pens.”

Holiday Gift Guide - for mother

For your dear, dear mother

She’s been putting up with your crap for decades now. Think about that: decades. How many times did she stand at the sidelines in the rain during your lacrosse practice? Who was the only person who didn’t give you grief for playing lacrosse in the first place? And that time the police came to your house? We won’t even get into it, but she was a champ.

A mother like her deserves to be treated like royalty. All the time. But Christmas is a great opportunity to start. Surprise her sentimental heart with a gorgeous vintage locket with a picture of the family inside. She’ll be expecting cashmere gloves (again), so the waterworks factor for such a thoughtful, personalized gift are through the roof.

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