July 23, 2015

Against the Grain: Fashion Rules Worth Breaking This Summer

How to get away with breaking some unwritten fashion rules and look great doing it.

We’ve heard it before: some rules are meant to be broken. There’s an exhilarating feeling that comes with breaking a rule—and breaking it well—that you can’t experience anytime else. Especially when it comes to style, some people get a little too caught up in the do’s and don’ts of what not to wear that their closet and style becomes bland, repetitive and forgettable. Style is about making a statement, even if you have to break a rule or two. Let’s look at some of the summer fashion rules that are just begging to be broken.

Fashion Rules Worth Breaking This Summer: Navy and Black Viranlly smartly pairs a navy windowpane suit with black accessories.

Match made in heaven

There’s an age-old saying that navy and black should never be worn together, but there are several ways to wear them together that are sophisticated and sharp. We agree that it may not always work, but when it does, it works so well. Think a navy blazer with a black lapel, or black trousers with an indigo denim button-down. Top it off with a pair of fresh white kicks and show everyone else how it’s done.

Fashion Rules Worth Breaking This Summer: No socks with shoes No socks, no problem.

No socks allowed

One of our favourite style rules to break is one we are gladly seeing more and more on the streets: no socks. Most likely originating in Europe and eventually making its way over to North America, it’s a trend that is constantly cropping up, whether in a casual look or one that is more formal. Cuff your denim once or twice and show off your ankles with a pair of colorful sneakers, or rock a suit, t-shirt and dress shoes for a dressier look. There’s no harm in showing off a little skin, so start small this summer with your ankles.

Fashion Rules Worth Breaking This Summer: the shorts sui Keeping cool in a highly customized Premium Navy Suit with shorts.

The new summer suit

Believe it or not, some guys feel more comfortable when they’re dressed up. This is especially hard to do in the summer when the temperature rises and heavier fabrics just weigh you down. The solution to this is breaking the rule that says you can’t wear a blazer with shorts. One of our favourite looks for the summer focuses on colorplay between these two wardrobe staples. A pair of red shorts with a breton striped shirt and navy blazer? Yes, please. Have fun with this and even dress it up with a bow tie or pocket square for more formal occasions.

There you have it, some style rules that are so much better when they are broken. Go against the grain and try something new this summer.

Featuring Viranlly Liemena, Indochino’s Assistant Merchant. Follow his adventures in style and food (oh man! the food!) on instagram: @viranlly