Connect with your new favorite band, the 21st century way

Most of the time, Connor Lowe and Johnny Rodgers are regular guys with regular-guy jobs. But to a rapidly growing number of artists and musicians, these two have become superheroes. This is because in their spare time they designed and built Give, an online platform that allows any fan, anywhere in the world, to send money directly to any artist of their choosing. From one dollar to sky’s the limit, music lovers have begun sending electronic money transfers, in a sort of “from my bank account to yours, thank you” show of appreciation to their favorite bands.

We asked the newly minted saints of the industry to explain these winds of change, and show us why it’s important to reach out and touch someone musical today.

1. It feels good.
Giving to artists is the best way to express the appreciation and gratitude you feel for the music they create. It allows you to make a connection with them that extends beyond just buying a commodity.

2. Mutual respect goes a long way.
Only a huge corporation, or a band so wildly successful that they never need to earn another dollar until the sun explodes, is capable of forcibly inserting their music into the lives and libraries of millions of people who don’t necessarily want it. The average musician, on the other hand, will gratefully hand over the goods only after you express your interest.

3. It costs money to make music.
We know you know that, but it bears keeping in mind. Especially when the majority of each sale made in music stores, or even through iTunes, is disbursed to almost everyone except the fine folks who made the music themselves. The more money that flows to your fave artists, the more they can keep making those great sounds you love.

4. The 20th century music industry is dead.
It just doesn’t know it yet. It’s still filing lawsuits against music fans, lobbying for copyright restrictions, issuing takedown notices on DJ mixes, and locking artists into dead-end deals. The great thing about 21st century technology is that it’s providing us with new alternatives to the old system that spread the benefit around, win-win style.

5. You determine where your dollars go.
Give $10 directly to an artist and that artist has $10 in their pocket. Ten dollars spent on iTunes, on the other hand, will net an artist an average of 10%, or about a dollar. Giving to the person who sings your #personalanthem2014 means that, at least, your other $9 aren’t getting spent by their record label on the next N’Sync reunion tour.

Give to your favorite artist here.
Connor is the senior manager of digital experience at Aritzia. Follow him @cnrlw.
Johnny is the senior UI developer at Slack. Follow him @johnnyrodgersis.