6 Fall Wardrobe Staples Every Business Professional Should Own

Now that it’s fall, it’s time to indulge in those things we were deprived of in summer: cozy textures, darker colors, and layers.

It’s an exciting time of year for those of us bouncing between meetings and appointments throughout the day, because of the diverse layering and styling options at play. Some are small, delicate details, while others bear a bolder approach—but all of them satisfy the demands of the season: versatility, function and style.

Here’s a rundown of seasonal wardrobe staples that’ll keep any business professional on-point and ready for action.

Dark Patterned Shirts

When fall emerges, so do the darker palettes, but don’t let those sombre hues steer you away from some fun and playful patterns. Paisley and deco prints look great on dark-colored shirts and, when paired with a similar colored suit, are a great way to elaborate on this year’s big trend of tone on tone dressing.

The best boot for fall: the Chelsea.
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Chelsea Boots

In black or brown, Chelsea boots are a universal favorite for their timeless look, popularized by the likes of The Beatles and other rock stars in the 1960’s. Today, well suited-and-booted men everywhere have fully embraced the classic Chelsea for their polished silhouette and easy slip-on style.

For anyone hunting for fall footwear that looks great with a suit and that can weather the storm, look no further.

Cashmere Scarves

Dressing for fall can be tricky—it’s not warm anymore, but it’s certainly not cold yet. Pairing a reversible cashmere scarf  with a merino wool suit is a great way to keep warm in the crisp autumn air before it’s quite cold enough to break out your bulky winter jacket. Cashmere’s long, silky fibres make it lightweight and exceptionally insulating, so you’ll look sophisticated and avoid any unwanted Lenny Kravitz jokes.

Two trends with one fit: plaid suit and knit tie.
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Mix ’em together: plaid suit & knit tie.

Knitted Ties

Knitted ties are the perfect balance of casual and professional. Not only are they adept at playing both sides of the field, but thanks to their knitted construction they virtually never wrinkle or crease, making them the ideal accessory to take on a business trip (helpful hint: here’s how to pack light when you’re traveling for work). Amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy life, the knitted tie is most certainly an ally.

Plaid Suits

Continuing with the theme of fresh pattern play, plaid suits are the perfect move for anyone looking to step out with a statement while keeping it cool, classic, and tasteful. Plaid can be dressed up with a pair of oxford shoes, shirt, and tie. Or alternatively, it can be set to casual mode with a pair of clean white sneakers and a henley shirt. Never underestimate the versatility of a tasteful plaid suit.

Charcoal Beanies and Hats

Not applicable to all, but given your hairstyle is managed in a relaxed manner, charcoal-colored beanies and hats are a lifesaver during colder days. Along with black, charcoal is one of the most flexible colors to mix and match with, due to its neutral appeal. As the season progresses, we’ll see these materials and fabrics thicken up, but for now, thinner cashmeres and wools should do the trick.

Fall is a transition period where functional layers play a clutch role in keeping you comfortable, warm and looking great. Keep your eye out for those perfect fall additions, ones that demonstrate your own style and character, and you’ll weather the transition to winter with ease and style.

Find that perfect addition to your fall wardrobe here.