October 30, 2015

3 Tips for Winter Wedding Style

The do's and don’ts of attending "I Do's" in the winter season.

It’s not typical wedding season, but winter serves as a beautiful backdrop for saying “I Do” and offers you stylish choices that are less suited to the blaring heat of summer. If you’re attending any nuptials in the winter months, take a look at our style tips below.

Looking great at the stroke of midnight

Stand Out From the Snow

Instead of a white button-up, pair a darker outfit—think navy or black–with a shirt and tie in the same color. It’s a way to look current and on-trend in a very understated manner. The idea that black is unacceptable for a wedding is an outdated taboo, and it’s now common and fashionable to go with black for the big day, especially in winter.

All black everything is the move

Look Cool While Staying Warm

Now, it’s likely that a wedding held in the winter will be, well, perhaps a bit cold. Not only do you have to be aware of how your outfit looks, but you’ll want to make sure that it keeps you warm, whether you’re going from the car to the venue or you find yourself outside for the ceremony. Wool suits blended with cashmere or silk are a great choice because the fibres of these luxe materials are fine but extremely warm, so your suit will drape elegantly and you’ll look sharp. And don’t forget to leave the puffy down jacket at home—when you dress up in the cold, top off your outfit with a smart wool coat. A pea coat in a darker color is fine if you prefer a shorter hemline, or a topcoat for more formal settings.

The white dinner jacket, so Bond right now

Mix and Match Light and Heavy Fabrics

Just because you’re focused on keeping toasty doesn’t mean you have to forego style. Winter weddings are a great opportunity to mix and match heavier with lighter fabrics. Slip a light sweater on underneath your suit or add a silk scarf to your ensemble. This is also an opportunity to play around with some color. We suggest opting for color in smaller portions, such as your pocket square, bow tie, or socks.

If you’re still a little unsure of which route to go, make sure to check the invitation for phrases like “black tie attire” or “formal attire requested.” These will give you cues on how casual or formal you should be. When in doubt, go with a black tuxedo. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, especially at a wedding.

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