Why Sharkskin Suits Are True Classics

When you hear the term “sharkskin” an image of a suit may not immediately come to mind. Or of it does, maybe you picture a shiny suit like the kind gangsters wore in films in the ‘80s. Sure, sharkskin was, for a while, woven with shiny, synthetic fibres, but originally—and nowadays—it’s usually made with wool. This type of suit fabric has been the go-to material for well-dressed men for decades, and there are some great benefits to owning and wearing sharkskin suits.

They have stylish pedigree

Sharkskin suits were popularized in the early 1960s by the Rat Pack—you know, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.? These ultra stylish men could be seen wearing the suit in its most classic form, with skinny ties and fitted dress shirts completing their looks. If it was good enough for the Rat Pack, it’s certainly good enough for us.

They last a long time

As for the construction of the fabric itself, sharkskin is a closely woven worsted wool fabric that uses two tones of yarn in a twill weave. This gives it a noticeably smooth finish and a high luster (hence the name), and helps the suit keep its shape for a long time. If you wear a suit every day, you can get away with this one all year round—the structure of the suit won’t fall flat.

Nothing looks better than gray sharkskin
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They can take a beating

More specifically, the sharkskin fabric at Indochino is 100% wool and has natural variations in its color due to the weaving process. The wearability factor of sharkskin makes it perfect for someone looking to purchase their first suit. It can take a beating and the wear and tear won’t be as visible as it is on other suits. An added benefit of sharkskin is that it contains excellent insulation properties so it can self-regulate temperature. With its innate insulation abilities, sharkskin is a great option, no matter the climate you may work in. It’s also wrinkle resistant and moisture wicking, which makes it a great suit to pack when you’re travelling on business.


Now that you know the sharkskin we’re talking about, it’s time to jump onboard. This may very well be your next favorite suit.