Jacket Basics: Vests

Although it is sometimes seen as more of a traditional piece, the vest is making a comeback. When it comes to buttons and fit, this is one item you want to get right or you risk the chance of looking sloppy. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started, so you’ll be ready to put the vest to the test. (Yes, we said it.)

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Suit Vests

By Joni McKervey



The standard vest should fit well, meaning you can’t see any shirt between the belt and bottom of the vest. Remember when we talked about buttons? (Just testing you. If not, see here.) Like with suit jackets, leave the bottom button undone to avoid the dreaded ballooning of the vest.

Five-Button Vest

With the right vest, you can even ditch your favorite blazer and still look put together. Pairing a five-button vest with a made-to-fit shirt and silk tie will appear polished, professional, and totally business appropriate. With this one, you can leave the top button undone as well to avoid covering up too much of your tie. Try it out one day in the office and you can thank us after for the compliments you receive.

Seven-Button Vest

A classic seven-button vest is traditionally more formal and wouldn’t usually be worn with a short or long-sleeved shirt on its own. In most cases, a suit in a matching color and material should accompany a seven-button vest, but opting for another solid color like burgundy or charcoal can be a great fashion-forward look.

Double-Breasted Vest

Once only seen at horse races or English weddings, the double-breasted vest is being resurrected for formal wear. Usually seen with six buttons and a large lapel, this vest makes any suit combination look so dapper you’ll almost want a top hat and cane to go with it. (Which is okay by us!)

In days past, almost every man would own some type of vest. With these tips, you’ll stand out by knowing exactly which type of vest to wear and how to rock it.

Nothing makes you look more put together than a 3-piece suit. Why not give it a try?